MTN View Farms

The MTN View Hemp operation was founded out of a desire to help one of our boys that was involved in a terrible incident that left him with severe anxiety and the inability to cope with daily life. So to be totally truthful, when we started our procedures to producing Hemp Products the total focus was to keep our son off the large amounts of medications the doctors were suggesting for him. After refusing the loads of pills the doctors were pushing and seeing the drastic change for the good in our son’s life…we knew our Hemp based products were something that many others could benefit from.

Fast forward to today…MTN View Hemp is grown from a seed on our chemical free family farm in the heart of Middle Tennessee. Not only do we grow all our own hemp on our 1960’s circa family farm, we produce everything on the farm before it heads out to consumers across the country. So far all purposes, we are a Seed To Seal operation that you can trust. Our hemp recipes have been life changing for our son which in turn has changed many lives around him and we sincerely hope it can help you or your loved ones like it has helped our family!

Hemp and it’s CBD related products are what our world needs and we Thank You for taking time to view our site and read the above brief family history. If you are ever in Middle Tennessee and want to visit the MVH Farm..we would love to have you!

The Smotherman Family

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